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Narrative Snapshot™ Visual Stories

Think of them as web comics that bring to life your value proposition.  

"We create meaning through illustrated stories that make a lasting impression."

Libby Dodd
Libby Dodd ®
139 Welsh Street, 2 San Francisco,CA 94107
Everyone knows the right words can turn prospects into customers or employees into top performers. Too often, though, words alone are conceptual and abstract, so they leave folks bored and scratching their heads. 

What happens when abstract concepts are skillfully depicted using pictures and the devices of plot, character, and scene? Instantaneously, the audience identifies and becomes a willing collaborator in creating meaning.

Through stories that appeal to the world of the senses, Narrative Snapshot visual stories burn your message onto the minds of your audience. Use them ...

 • To humanize face-to-face or on-line training content for sales, marketing, leadership, and more.

• To show investors a vivid picture of why your product solves a critical problem in the life of your target customer.

•  To create more engaged readers for your blog through vignettes that convey a shared reality. The uses of Narrative Snapshots are unlimited.